Lines Deluxe

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Lines Deluxe

Lines Deluxe software program is a modern variation on the classic Lines game. The game is played with interactive colorful balls on a 9x9 board.

The main objective of Lines Deluxe is to align balls of the same color by moving them around the game board. When at least five balls are aligned, they are wiped off the board and you will earn some points.

Only one ball can be moved with every turn. The challenge here is, new balls appear every time you move one ball. You must eliminate balls in order to get enough free spaces to move them around.

The game is over when there are no spaces in the board left. This is a good strategy game for players of all ages. Other features of the game include various difficulty settings, smooth animation, additional bonus levels, sharp graphics and visual effects, and pleasing music and sound effects.

This software comes with a step-by-step game tutorial and play/pause game functions. This software requires Microsoft DirectX 8. 0 or higher installed on your computer and works with Windows XP and lower platform versions.

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